Ayelet Assor, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Clinical Pilates instructor


Perineal Rehabilitation Therapist & Certified Pilates Instructor


Ayelet is an Israeli mother of 4 who specialises in pelvic muscle rehabilitation for both female and male. She was trained at the “Herman and Wallace pelvic rehabilitation institute” USA.

 Ayelet is trained with helping all sorts of pelvic floor dysfunctions such as: urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, female and male pelvic pain, pelvic muscle dysfunction, Behavioural education for incontinence or constipation, exercise for the pelvic floor muscles, biofeedback and sEMG treatment.


She uses different techniques and methods such as manual, educational and physical training. She can offer her treatments in both clinic and house visits.

In addition Ayelet is a certified Pilates instructor and uses Pilates as a rehabilitation tool to treat various problems such as: back pain, knee problems, hip problems and of course as part of the pelvic floor rehabilitation.