Cindy Rachel Guedj, Psychologist


BSc (Psychology), MSc (Business) , MBA (Entrepreneurship), Cert (Alternative Therapies)


Cindy is an adept of the Mind Body medicine and follows a Holistic approach to apprehend and guide your Mental Health & Wellbeing.

She has been trained in psychoanalysis for about ten years and recently in more action oriented techniques such as EFT & TFT or Schultz Autogenic Training to ease her patients’ journey in how to lift ‘non resilience’and how to be ‘OK’ with oneself.

She works exclusively with adults patients.

Her sessions can be conducted in English, French or Spanish.

Specialist Field:

  • Corporate Psychology (working herself on a trading floor of some Corporate & Investment Banking for above a decade in Europe & Asia)

  • Anxiety disorders 

  • Sleeping troubles 

  • Post-traumatic syndrome

  • Depression 

  • Chronic Pain

  • Relationships balance

  • Self confidence