& children

Osteopathy Australia says that osteopathy recognises the particular stresses on the body undergone by children as they grow from babies to teenagers and has developed an approach to work with children of all ages.

A range of problems may interfere with the normal development of a child. Trauma during pregnancy and birth, childhood accidents and falls. Or simply the rapid changes of the bodies grows can create or contribute to problems associated with bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Other issues faced by children include posture problems, inflammatory conditions and sporting injuries.


An osteopath will work with you and your child to plan the best way forward.  The osteopath will examine and diagnose problems and before treatment commences will prepare a comprehensive case history of your child. They will complete a physical examination to determine which type of treatment is suitable and if a referral to other health care practitioners is needed. The osteopath will also offer advice on nutrition, general health, posture and exercise.


Osteopathic care is safe, gentle and effective without the use of drugs or surgery. It can assist the young body to adapt to growth related changes, which can help prevent other health problems. It can help a baby grow into a healthy child and, ultimately a healthy young adult.


Osteopaths work as primary health care practitioners, you do not need a referral to see an Osteopath.


The osteopath will ask the patient about the problem, the symptoms and their medical history. They will then examine the patient. The examination usually involves feeling muscle tone and tension, and assessing joint mobility. A range of neurological and orthopedic test may also be done. The Osteopath will look at any medical reports or test results that the patient brings with them. After reaching a diagnosis the Osteopath will talk through a treatment plan and discuss the expected outcome.


An osteopathic treatment may include massage, stretching, joint mobilization and manipulation. Most osteopathic treatment is gentle and should not cause undue discomfort. Some people experience mild soreness for a day or two after treatment. As Osteopathy takes a holistic approach to treatment, you should expect your practitioner to treat various parts of your body not only the area causing the initial discomfort.