Guillaume Giroud, Osteopath

guillaume guiroud

BOst., MOst, H.K.O.A.


After graduating in the Paris Higher Institute of Osteopathy, Guillaume Giroud opened his General Osteopathic Practice in the heart of Paris and worked there for 8 years.

Alongside his private practice, Guillaume worked as Osteopath for different companies, theatre, dance troupe, yoga studio and sport team.

As a teacher and coach instructor in the French National Federation of Fitness he developed his skills in the treatment and prevention of athletes’ specific injuries like tendinitis, periostitis like shin splints due to running activities and Thai technique to heal bone superficial burst fracture.


The healing process provided by Guillaume always includes an understanding of the patient’s habits and behavior and a combination of the different approaches like structural, cranial, visceral, fascial and Gua Sha. His aim is to find to best fitted treatment for each patient.