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and Sport

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, your osteopath can help prevent and treat many sporting injuries, including: 


  • knee, leg and ankle injuries

  • hip and pelvic injuries such as osteitis pubis

  • shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries

  • neck and back strains


Reduced joint or muscle flexibility will affect your performance and may result in injury if you don't realise that you can't perform at your usual level.  If you do become injured,  your osteopath is highly trained to facilitate a return to optimal function and prevent compensatory strains from occurring. This will minimise re-injury and allow a quicker return to physical activity. 


Osteopathic treatment involves safe, gentle and effective manual techniques, including soft tissue stretching, mobilisation, inhibition and manipulation.  These techniques assist in improving elasticity, strength, endurance , mobility and performance. 

Children need to grow with optimal mobility, strength and balance.  Sport and exercise can place exceptional demands on their bodies.  Children should be cared for by professionals who are fully aware of the needs of young growing bodies. 


Before treating your child, the osteopath will perform a comprehensive physical examination and refer to other health care professionals if necessary.  The osteopath can provide nutritional advice along with strategies, exercises and routines to help your child avoid further injury and stay health, happy and active. 


In a common consultation with Damien, "I examine and diagnose problems before treatment commences.  A physical examination determines which type of osteopathic treatment is suitable and if any referral to other health-care practitioners are required.  Advice on nutrition, general health, posture and exercise can sometimes be offered"

sport and children
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