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Tips for handling job burnout - Dr Damien Mouellic

A person can develop burnout if they've been under stress for a long time. It's a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. The WHO defines it as a syndrome linked to chronic work stress. But could it be that we don't even realise we are under so much stress? The first step is actually to recognise you are feeling burnout — and then try to identify the stressors to replenish your physical and emotional energy, says Dr Damien Mouellic.

Damien talks to Abroad With Care Podcast about some of the examples he sees when treating his patients, who often come with burnout related pain. He also shares his own tips to managing stress and disconnecting, even when pandemic restrictions make it difficult.


To book an appointment with Damien, please contact or 2866 0287 (Central wellness) / 2372 9700 (Stanley wellness). For more information visit


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